Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Continuing Dialogue

Discussions are occurring all over The Episcopal Church about what should be done to counter the deceits that the AAC/ACN et al are spreading in a very well-financed campaign to destroy this church. Some grass-roots initiatives are taking shape!

Keep checking this website for updates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The name you have given yourself is deceptive-- how do you know you represent a majority? So far as I can tell you do not. The vast majority of Episcopalians I know do not regard the people who are upset by the ordination of Gene Robinson as "radicals" -- your word. What is very clear to me as a person who is struggling with a decision as to whether to stay in the Episcopal church or not-- is that you are about as interested in dialog about these issues as I am when I tell my 2 year old grandson not to run in the street. I hope he agrees with me, but I'm not changing my mind. The difference is that we who disagree with you are adults who have good reasons for our views which, apparently, none of you are willing to discuss or to hear. What you seem to be interested in is shutting us up by calling us radicals and implying that we are evil hate mongerers. If that's your idea of reconciliation then you need to check the kool-aid you've been drinking. Your declarations of principles are declarations of war against people you don't agree with. There has not been one true meeting where the so-called conservatives have been allowed to say their piece. Nor will there be, obviously, under your watch.

11/27/2006 6:35 PM  

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