Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Affirming Catholicism

One outcome of The Episcopal Majority's meeting in Washington last week was a consensus that we should enrich the links we provide, including the wide range of organizations whose goals and ethos are compatible with ours. One of our supporters today reminded us of the work of Affirming Catholicism.

Their core beliefs, according to their website are:

  • That, in tumultuous times in the world echoed in the church, God is continually speaking and calling us deeper into the paschal mystery as together we die and rise with Christ and serve him in each other and all we meet.
  • That we must stand for a climate in the church of gentle strength and mutual respect for all God’s people and creation.
  • That among the gifts of the catholic tradition is a deep and abiding wisdom about the mystery of intimacy with God and that the world cries out in holy longing for that intimacy.
  • That the Baptismal Covenant, the rule of the life of the church, requires us to respect all persons. We understand that respect to mean that all ministries within the church are open to all the baptised and that the call to leadership within the assembly is dependant on baptism and the recognition of particular gifts for ministry, not on gender or sexual orientation.

Further information about the organization is available at the Affirming Catholicism website.


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