Friday, January 05, 2007

From Hong Kong

Outgoing Anglican Leader Urges Dialogue, not Schism

The outgoing leader of the Anglican church in Hong Kong, the Most Rev. Peter Kwong Kong-Kit, has urged dialogue, rather than division, to resolve disagreements over homosexuality within the worldwide Anglican Communion, according to a report issued today from Episcopal News Service.

"Anglicanism is inclusive. There is high (liturgical) church, and there is a low (evangelical) church. Anglicans can co-exist and even hold different interpretations of faith," said the 70-year-old Kwong who retired on January 1. "Why shouldn't we find a common ground on homosexuality?"

Kwong told Ecumenical News International on the eve of his retirement: "Anglicans should sit down and talk about it. I don't agree that local Anglican churches should break away from the Communion because of the controversy on homosexuality."

The Anglican leader also disagreed with a proposed two-tier system within the Anglican Communion. The system would divide into core-member churches that enjoy voting rights, and other member churches with liberal views on sexuality that do not have voting powers.

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