Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where to Turn?

Note: We usually do not post two different pieces in a day (much less a weekend!), so many readers are not used to "scrolling down." But please do scroll down to read Bill Easter's provocative piece on property, which we posted this morning.

There is a great deal of news coming out of the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans, along with a great many leaks and rumors and a great deal of spin. As I said a few days ago, we are not going to try to cover the news or the rumors. However, it may be helpful to suggest who is doing a good job of that coverage.

For those who want to keep up with the news and read some of the commentary, here are a few recommendations.

Episcopal Life Online is providing all its coverage on one page. Click here for it. They are providing photographs and video at their Multimedia page; that page also includes video (in two parts) of the Friday news conference with the Archbishop of Canterbury. [The photo at right is by Matthew Davies, courtesy of Episcopal Life Online.]

EpiScope, the Episcopal Church's official news blog, is providing links to newspaper reports from mainstream media covering the meeting. We cannot imagine how Jan Nunley (the voice of EpiScope) is doing this in addition to all the other duties she must have in New Orleans.

At the Episcopal Café, Jim Naughton and his energetic crew are offering news and analysis at The Lead, with longer reflections and essays at the Daily Episcopalian.

Thinking Anglicans – writing from across the pond – does a masterful job of capturing news stories as well as important blogs and analysis.

Mark Harris is doing much fine analysis at Preludium. In one essay, he discusses the blurring role of reporters and bloggers, and he lists his favorite sources. (We were deeply honored to be included in Mark's "A List.")

TitusOneNine provides a news digest, as well as some original materials. It's probably the most reliable and temperate of the news/analysis sites on the "right" side of the aisle.

StandFirm also provides news and analysis. This tends to be the site that first receives "leaked" documents and news from the Network bishops and other conservatives.

Many on the "left" side of the aisle turn to Father Jake for analysis of the major news.

Kendall Harmon's crew at TitusOneNine has provided a handy list of reporters and bloggers who are writing from New Orleans. Click here for it.

Meanwhile, remember that there will be rumors and gnashing of teeth from all sides. Little of it will matter until the bishops issue their statement after the meeting concludes Tuesday.


Blogger Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Apparently, there's truth to the rumor that "great minds think alike." I've done a similar post over at Telling Secrets.

What's really great about this is that this means that you and I have great minds.

Who knew?

Much love to you and yours.

9/22/2007 9:26 PM  

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