Friday, August 11, 2006

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As part of his work at the School of Theology at the University of the South, Charles Walthall has written a detailed report, "General Convention 2006: Its Response to the Requests of the Windsor Report, and Subsequent Reaction". The paper provides a summary of Windsor-related actions taken at General Convention, as well as analysis of subsequent events. It is included in Louie Crew's "Do Justice" series.


Anonymous Rev Dr. Ronald B. Keys said...

We must remain responsive to community and cultural issues as it relates to our faith, beliefs and religious practices.

Do families change? What is the culture in the family? What is the
meaning of the New York Governor, eliot Spitzer resignation to all of us?

Speaking as a former felony and homocide prosecutor, it was
impossible for Gov. Spitzer, with his law enforcement background and
keen intelligence, not to know what an evidentiary paper trail is and
how it develops. Everytime he dipped his wick, outside of his home
and family, the paper trail deepened. He knew. It may have been
unconscious, but he knew. He wanted to be caught. He wanted to be
punished. Otherwise, why would a New York Attorney with specialized
knowledge of evidentiary paper trails, leave a paper trail of his own
behind him? The magnitude of the paper trail was evident in the
transfer of some $80,000 in repeated trysts outside of his marriage.
THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY is a fundamental teaching in most
religions designed to propagate and insure the safety, security and
the operational integrity of a family. He knew this with each thrust
of infidelity to start the clear process of reduction and eventual
oblivion of his own political career and life.

And as he stood weak, before an entire nation resigning, his wife,
Silda Spitzer, stood silently besides him, as a powerful, now
engaging and emerging presence into a possible political life of her
own. Families do change. Sometimes right in front of you. Just like
this. The grace, beauty and obvious strength of Silda Spitzer, an
experienced, polished, New York Attorney and Harvard Law School
Graduate, as a possible new force not only in the Spitzer Family
(with the Spitzer children and for all children to see) but as an
entirely new and vital force in American Politics.

We are all cooked, reduced, transformed or even reformed in the
cauldrons and melting pots of life. Families do change. The family
culture of Eliot and Silda Spitzer changes now. The Spitzer
resignation has meaning for us all. We all intend the reasonable and
logical results of our own behavior. Eliot did. He participates now
in the immediate alteration, reformation and development of his own
family culture now. As Eliot waivers, weakens and diminishes, Selda
grows; his children and every child in the country can see this. The
American people can see this, too. Fathers, mothers and families
everywhere see....................

Rev Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD
[Also, Licensed, New York Attorney]
Hollywood Taoism Center (HTC)
[A Place For Adults, Family & Children]
Holywood, Fl. USA
rkeysphd at gmail dot com
Phone: 954-448-1515

3/18/2008 10:00 AM  

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