Thursday, August 24, 2006

On the Consecration of Martyn Minns by +Nigeria

The Archbishop of Nigeria, The Rt. Rev. Peter Akinola, on August 20 consecrated as missionary bishop to America the Rev. Martyn Minns (rector of an Episcopal parish in Virginia). The Archbishop has defended his actions once more with the usual overblown and spurious claims. His continues to insist (1) that the consecration of the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson was "traumatic" (when in fact it was the Archbishop who belatedly chose to be offended), (2) that the Episcopal Church had failed to "turn back" to the Windsor Report (when in fact our church made every effort at our General Convention to establish a moratorium as asked by the report) and (3) that the Episcopal Church was "pursuing their unbiblical revisionist agenda," when in fact the church remains orthodox in all respects and has no such agenda.

The intrusive actions of Archbishop Akinola (supported by a variety of disaffected Episcopalians) should be seen for what they are. Their actions continue to disrupt and harm this church. They will not work. This church will not back down on its support of Bishop Robinson or other gay and lesbian persons. And we will continue to remain faithful to the central teaching of our faith and loyal to the traditional Anglican view of comprehensiveness. Archbishop Akinola and his cohorts may continue to pursue this radical campaign to remake the Anglican Communion into their own image. This ideologically motivated campaign so redolent of Paul's description of the "principalities and powers" (Ephesians 6:12) must be resisted; we must uphold the gospel in the face of these threats.

For additional news and analysis regarding Archbishop Akinola’s consecration of now-Bishop Minns, see the following:


Blogger Glynn Harper said...

An excellent summation. Now, let us hope that rebuttals, if any, will be as clearly and factually stated.

9/07/2006 3:55 PM  

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