Friday, March 23, 2007

Bishop Itty (of Oregon)

The Right Reverend Johncy Itty (bishop of the diocese of Oregon) has posted his reflections on the bishops' meeting here. He deflects the "hot-button issues," focusing instead on the mission of Episcopalians around the world: "Indeed, much of the conversation around the Episcopal Church in the context of the global communion is a very relational one. There is a strong commitment by our Church to continue to work and listen and respond to the concerns of our global partners in a manner that remains consistent with our own structure and polity as a national church body."

Toward that end, he issues a call that we would echo: "In the midst of so many competing and sometimes negative voices that amplify anxiety, we need to continue to be a champion of hope and support for thevery least among us."

Click here to read his complete statement.


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