Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bishop Shaw Writes

Bishop Thomas Shaw (Diocese of Massachusetts) has written a fine op-ed piece that appears in today's Boston Globe.

He provides some background on the House of Bishops recent meeting and acknowledges, "The Episcopal Church, in its deliberations, may come across to many as overly fractious as it grapples with what kind of faith community it will be in the 21st century," then concludes with the observation, "yet it is precisely within this tension that the best of our church is revealed." He continues: "Openness and transparency, including the airing of differences, is important to the life of faith lived in community and it is through this type of conflict and discussion that we understand how God is calling us into the future and how the church will respond to the contemporary world."

There is a great deal more "meat" in his essay. We are struck, however, but his suggestion that in openly contending with one another in the Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Communion we may provide a positive witness to the world. The only faith worth living for is one worth wrestling with. And we Episcopalians certainly are getting a great deal of wrestling practice. But, then, so did Jacob.

Click here to read Bishop Shaw's essay.


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