Monday, March 26, 2007

Bishop Wolfe of Kansas

Bishop Dean Wolfe (Diocese of Kansas) offers his supportive response to the House of Bishops meeting, in a letter posted on the diocesan website. One noteworthy item is his statement that the rejection of the Tanzania scheme for a "primatial vicar" crossed the theological spectrum: "Some of the most conservative bishops among us found this an impossible proposal to accept." He continues:

It is clear that several Primates have improperly benefited from ignoring the Windsor Report recommendations and continue to have much to gain from the implementation of such a scheme.

Citizens of our country in general (and Kansans in particular) will understand the reluctance of our House of Bishops to place our Church under the oversight of foreign prelates who are accountable to no one but God. These are the types of actions that, historically, fueled the Protestant Reformation and later initiated our struggle for independence as a nation. Furthermore, the actions of at least one Primate regarding Christ Church, Overland Park, make this body a less-than-trustworthy repository for such authority.

In our branch of the Anglican Communion, we are committed to lay and ordained leadership making decisions cooperatively and with mutual respect.

He reassures members of the diocese: "These recent events may leave people with a feeling of uncertainty about our beloved Episcopal Church. Let us not be anxious. I believe we are engaged in an ongoing conversation that will take many twists and turns before a satisfactory resolution is finally revealed."

Click here to read Bishop Wolfe's full response. For background, the House of Bishops resolutions are available here.

Some readers not familiar with Christ Church (Overland Park) may find this background information helpful. In 2005, Bishop Wolfe and the congregation now known as Christ Church Anglican negotiated an agreement whereby the parish and its clergy left the diocese and the Episcopal Church.


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