Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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At Meditatio, Father John considers what the bishops did and didn't say. He repeats an oft-repeated claim – that the primates do not understand the polity of the Episcopal Church – but we are not persuaded that is true. He does cut to the chase, though, with this statement: The bishops' resolution "states that we are a 'big tent' Church that will work mightily to accommodate minority opinion; but we will not allow the tail to wag the dog."

RH Factor expressed relief at the bishops' statement:

Our bishops have spoken in a remarkably generous and Spirit filled way. They have affirmed a desire to remain in the Anglican Communion but have also made clear that if we must choose between our baptismal ecclesiology (all are welcome) and a type of church unity purchased with the lives of a few (didn't Jesus already do that?) then they are ready, able and willing to lead this church through that wilderness. We will not sacrifice the vision we believe God has given this church to a crisis that we believe has been manufactured.


This the Episcopal Church I remember. This is the Anglican vision that first drew me in from the rather dreary Protestant evangelicalism of my youth (hey, it was the 1970s). This is an expression of the faith I'd sign up for all over again.

Lastly, I'm especially taken with their ability to hand the anxiety back to the Primates who try to demand that a crisis on their part is a crisis on our part.
The New Virginia Church Man also has a word to say about ultimatums.


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