Monday, May 28, 2007

From Arizona

Bishop Kirk Stevan Smith's "E-pistle for May 25, 2007," reflects on the recently-issued invitations (and the withholding thereof) to the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Speaking of Archbishop Williams' decision not to invite Bishop Gene Robinson, he observes:

It also seems to me remarkably odd that the Anglican Communion, which has pledged itself to a "listening process" of the experience of Gay and Lesbian Christians, should exclude from that process one of its leading witnesses.

Although I am deeply disappointed by the Archbishop's decision and grieve personally for my friend, it is important that none of us, whatever one's perspective, respond in a reactive way to this news, which can only foster further division. I plan to follow the advice of our own Presiding Bishop who counsels "a calm approach," and who reminds us that "aspects of this matter may change in the next 14 months, and the House of Bishops' meeting offers us a forum for further discussion." I look forward to that meeting when the Archbishop will be with us.

Click here to read Bishop Smith's entire "E-pistle."


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