Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bishop Smith of Missouri

Bishop George Wayne Smith (Diocese of Missouri) has written to the diocese. His letter, dated today, begins with thanks for the diocese's prayers and for the House of Bishops' "graciousness of conversation and the care shown to one another."

Then he promptly cuts to the chase: "I am also writing to let you know that I support the various actions taken by the House of Bishops during that meeting and that I cast my vote in favor of them. I commend to your attention especially the three 'Mind of the House' resolutions, found here:"

He offers this commentary on the tone of the meeting: "The conversations were both serious and courteous. Everyone, it seems to me, understood the gravity of the moment." About Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, he says she "presided . . . by taking the matters before us seriously—but not by taking herself seriously at all. The modesty and calm she brings to leadership will serve her and this Church quite well."


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