Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bishops Talking

A few bishops are communicating with their dioceses since the House of Bishops' meeting at Camp Allen. We are happy to provide links to their statements.

Bishop Epting spoke of the positive tenor of the discussion. Click here to read his statement.

Bishop Robinson (of New Hampshire) sent this letter to his diocese.

Bishop Chane wrote to the Diocese of Washington(D.C.).

Bishop MacPherson ( of Western Louisiana) communicated with a parishioner in a letter that appears here and here.

Bishop Howe (of Central Florida) has written to his diocese, in a letter that seems only available at Virtue Online. His comments focus on the bishops' meeting at Camp Allen. Secondarily, he includes this note about the South Carolina election:
There was a very unkind article in USA Today yesterday about Bishop Schori regarding this. However, Bishop Ed Salmon (retired and acting Bishop of South Carolina) assured us tonight that Bishop Schori "bent over backward" to get this election ratified, and the problem was with the Standing Committees. A sufficient number actually was received, but some of them were in improper form, and some of them were unsigned.
As we learn of other bishops' communications, we will post them here. Feel free to use the "comments" section to tell us of other bishops' letters.


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