Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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The American Anglican Council (AAC)

The AAC has issued a statement on the resolutions adopted in the House of Bishops' meeting. The AAC is "strongly opposed" to the three resolutions. The Reverend Canon David C. Anderson, AAC president and CEO, is quoted as saying, “If they cannot accommodate on the structural points of the primates’ requests – which left TEC with considerable power – I do not see how they will ever turn back on the theological points. The church’s desire for complete power and autonomy goes hand in hand with its rebellion against Scriptural authority.” Click here for the full press release.

Ruth Gledhill of The Times

Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent for The [London] Times, maintains a blog. Today she expresses gratitude for the clarity of the resolutions adopted in the House of Bishops' meeting: "Bishop Katharine Schori has at least put an end to meaningless fuzzy spiritual equivocations, if nothing else." She concludes with these thoughts:

So for the sake of their own unity, they are risking a breach with the wider communion. Archbishop Rowan has made unity his primatial goal. He intends the unity of the communion. But it has become pretty clear that such unity could only achieved through an internal split at TEC, even if disguised, as the Church of England's was, by 'flying bishops' or something similar. In England, we are good at such tricks, and it does indeed appear to have worked. For the time being at least. But this is what you get if you have a scientist running a church. Such theological and ecclesiological sleights of hand will not get past the merciless logic of a trained technician, as we now discover. Bishop-elect Mark Lawrence has also good reason to contemplate the consequences of TEC's new scientific approach to the fine details of election results.

So, in effect, TEC are subverting Dr Williams' wider unity plans by playing their own unity card with ruthless clarity. We already know who is holding the queens in this high-stakes ecclesiastical poker game. And I know of at least two pretty major aces that have still to be shown. I just hope Dr Williams has some good cards still close to his chest. Because neither TEC nor Akinola are bluffing.


At StandFirm, Greg Griffith reports some details about the Camp Allen meeting. He reports that "impeccable" sources tell him that several "Network" bishops did not attend at all: "+Schofield and +Iker, for example. +Stanton reportedly left before the vote was taken."

The blogger BabyBlue (from one of the northern Virginia parishes) offers her commentary on the bishops' resolutions.

Even Andrew Sullivan is blogging about the bishops' resolutions.


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