Friday, June 01, 2007

Reliable Sources

We at The Episcopal Majority have chosen not to be a news-gathering source. There are many other sites that do much better than we could at that. With the Episcopal Church and the drama in the Anglican Communion so often in the news these days, where is one to go for news and commentary?

"Father Jake" has done a very good service, in this post, suggesting where folks might go for current news. He recommends the following sources for daily reading to keep up with the news of our church: Episcopal Café, Thinking Anglicans, the Episcopal Church's own EpiScope and Episcopal Life Online, the Anglican Communion News Service, and (for a weekly digest) Anglicans Online.

We agree, and recommend that you bookmark those sites when you need a "news fix." To that list, we would add TitusOneNine.

Father Jake concludes with this:
Regarding good commentary on the news, there are just too many sites to list them all. But, a bare minimum of daily reads would have to include Mark, The Episcopal Majority, Susan, Tobias, Elizabeth, Dylan and Richard.
We are grateful to be included in Father Jake's list and – to his list – we would add Father Jake's own site.

For a very fine and more comprehensive list of sources for news and commentary, go to EpiScope's list of websites – categorized as "left," "center," and "right."


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