Thursday, March 22, 2007

What the Bishops Didn't Do

Bishop Epting clarifies "What the Bishops Didn't Do" on his blog. He notes what it is implicit in the bishops' three resolutions: that they did not address the primates' request for a ban on the consecration of homosexuals to the episcopate and on the authorization of same-sex blessings. He writes:

What we did NOT do was to foreclose discussion on the Episcopal Church’s response to the main requests of the Primates’ Communique. We have not “ruled” on whether or not to reassure the Primates that General Convention meant what it said when it asked us and our Standing Committees not to give consent to any bishop-elect whose manner of life might prove of concern to the wider Anglican Communion and to clarify for them the status of the blessing of same-sex relationships in this church.

That is not our decision alone, and the Executive Council has already set into motion a study and consultation process which will continue through the summer. Similarly, the House of Bishops Theology Committee is at work on a study document to assist in this process.
He reiterates the House of Bishops' reasons for advising against the proposed “Pastoral Council” and “Provincial Vicar,” and concludes:

What the Episcopal Church’s bishops did not do is claim some kind of prelacy like the Primates have done, and to act in a high handed manner not permissable under the polity of either the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Communion.


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